Consistent intermittent audio glitches

I have spent countless hours over the past 3 months trying to troubleshoot this problem. Any insights would be much appreciated…

I consistently get intermittent glitches (could be as much as 15 minutes apart, as little as a minute) that are normally, but not always, associated with latency spikes. i don’t even have to be playing anything for the spikes to occur.

I have read the various articles for computer optimization, and have followed the advices given, such as disabling firewall, virus protection, internet connection, visual optimized for performance, and the like.

DPC Latency Checker is used to visually monitor real time latency. LatencyMon is used to record events and stats.

LatencyMon reveals one consistent culprit: - Wdf01000.sys - Kernel Mode Driver Framework Runtime - This thing will spike out of the blue, but I have not been able to find what Wdf01000.sys does that could cause the latency spikes. I wish I knew how it was involved with the processing chain. I can’t even figure out what it really does. I fugure some process much be using it intermittently.

I also get random Hard Pagefaults, but they don’t appear to be causing audio problems.

Could there be a setting in Cubase that might cause the glitches? I have the Steinberg Audio Power Scheme activated, as well as Multi Processing.

Any solutions???

My computer is all up to date, Windows 7 totally updated, current BIOS, all current drivers and program updates.


First, deactivate the Cubase power scheme. Then go to your power settings in Windows 7 and set it to High Performance mode. You also have to go inside this power setting to make sure you have everything ON, including the HDDs (which still turns off on periods of inactivity even when the power setting is set to the High Performance mode). Save your settings.

Let us know if this solved your issue.


Sorry I took so long to reply. For some reason I’m not getting email notifications now.

Believe me, I have EVERYTHING tweaked. It has nothing to do with my performance settings, it has to do with this nasty Wdf01000.sys file. There is something going on that is triggering it, and I have finished trying to figure it out. I bought a Mac and have had no more issues.

If anyone finds a solution, let me know…

Looks very much like you’re overtweaking your computer. These days it’s not so vital to do the old tweaks. Stone age over! Long live the Geeker people! :mrgreen: (found after 10 seconds googling) or similar may give some answers but the recommendations here are to perform a system restore to an earlier time or reinstall any programs that you can think of that triggered the behaviour.
Sounds like some service is triggering the wdf file regularly. Usually message finders do this among other things where they check every 15 minutes for emails etc.

For some reason I’m not getting email notifications now

That’s the connection. System restore then?


Just an observation.

Only in the land of DAWs do the words ‘Consistent intermittent’
have real meaning and are totally understood by many users.


The KMDF is a framework for driver developers to create device drivers for Windows.
If I where you I would check all the drivers again (newest isn’t always the best in a particular situation), because the chances are there is a faulty driver causing your trouble and Wdf1000.sys is blamed for it.