consistent piano roll scrolling through adjacent midi region

i’m adjusting expression/modulation over string passages and the position needs to be consistent when cycling through windows.

not quite sure how to do this


I would recommend to select all Strings MIDI Parts at once, and open them in the one (Key) Editor (your preferences “link editors” has to be enabled, which is in default). Then you can easily switch among all selected MIDI Parts, without switching the windowss. So you are always at the same position, same zoom level, etc.

Does it work for your use case?

hmmm, I’ve done that before, which does work.

Is there any way to switch between parts without clicking on notes?

Yes, there is. In the Toolbar, you can select, which MIDI part should be currently active.

See attached screenshot, please.

Btw: I highly recommended to use colours of Part in the Key Editor, in this case (green on my screenshot). Then you have even colour-coding for your instruments.
Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 01.06.10.png

Also- there are key commands available for this too- Edit>Activate Next Part and Edit>Activate Previous Part.

dude…yes yes yes…awesome awesome awesome.


And by the way- Martin, it’s great that you are participating more here. You have improved the signal to noise ratio by a significant factor! (I mean more signal, less noise in case there was any question :wink: )