Console 1 Render In Place bug

Whilst working on a project which included Console 1 on multiple channels, I attempted to use the ‘Render In Place’ function to commit some tracks/plugins to audio.

The result is that whilst rendering is taking place, you begin to see tracks randomly switching in solo mode erratically until the render is complete, only to discover that the track you were rendering is incomplete with large chunks of silence.

This currently makes the Console 1 unusable for anything but the final stage of a project - the only way I could render the current track was to remove all instances of Console 1! It is possible (haven’t been able to try yet) that this could be a result of not having Console 1 inserted on EVERY track in the project which may cause some confusion to the routing?

I’m using the latest build of Cubase 9.5 on Mac OS X Sierra (10.12.5 I think - not at my system for a few days). iMac late 2012 i7 3.4 ghz, 32gb RAM.

I can confirm this bug on Windows 7 64-bit with Cubase 9.5.21. I attempt to Render in Place a track, and part way through I see another track get selected and the resulting file is half my original track and half the new track. Console 1 is on both tracks (and others).

Also related, whenever I add or delete a track, my screen jumps to a different track making it active (and I don’t think it’s coincidence that the same track it jumps to is the track that Cubase incorrectly renders in place).