Consolidate (again)

I have an audio file in the arrangement, that I have resized and put a fade in the end, now I want to export this WITH the fade and the new size. How is that done in Cubase?
Thanks a lot!

If you want to export it, you must “export - audio mixdown” it, otherwise you can also use “bounce selection” (which would correspond to Pro tools´ “consolidate”)

If you want to print including any processing etc, then - set Locators and solo track(s); assign output(s) accordingly. Leave as stereo (or choose mono downmix if you want mono) from the Export/Audio mixdown dialog when using the Master or any 2-buss as output.

Or, some folk set themselves up with a dedicated ‘dummy’ mono output channel, to quickly achieve the same.

Or, use the Range Tool to highlight what you want to consolidate (including any blank ‘extra’ at start or end of event/part or events/parts); then choose Bounce Selection from the Audio menu.

If you give this new Event (file), a meaningful name from the Info Line, you can grab it from the Audio folder right there at your project location - no need to run an ‘Export’.


Oops…!! thinkingcap has beat me to it - in a far more succinct fashion I note…! :wink:

Thanks for your reply!
I couldn’t find the information you gave me in the manual.
I will try it out tomorrow.