Consolidate Liveset


Given the dynamic nature of music, it would be a really great help if there was some sort of “consolidate” button one could utilize before changing the tempo of the track…

You see, adjusting the bpm is an immense hassle when:
-countless edits have been made
-not all files are bounced
-not all files are marked with tempo X in the pool…
(everything just jumps out of place)

Bouncing X amounts of single files is not a solution either, partly due to the fact that one limits future editing capabilities.

Basically, The “consolidate” button makes a snapshot of the set for easy tempo changes.

-One can adjust the tracks tempo from the transport bar and the song speeds up or slows down while everything stays in its place. Everything gets stretched accordingly and remains in relation to each other. (including tempo changes made via tempo track and anything else that is relevant)

-> I am for a “one button solution” , or, to automatize this feature into Cubase so that not even a button is needed.

Thank you