Consolidate/Render Tracks

Just downloaded N7 trial and was excited about trying the new ‘Render In Place’ feature as I thought it would make me a happy boy!

Scenario - Band arrive at my studio, I record them, do some drop ins plus a few edits etc… At the end of the day they would like to leave with a bunch of files that all start at the same place and end in the same place, in order to import into another DAW (in sync) for mixing. I don’t want any channel eq,plug info, fader level or panning to be involved, just vanilla files rendered from start to end. This is fundamental stuff, and is standard in every DAW I’ve worked on except cubendo. I’ve achieved this up to now using Audio mixdown with batch export + zeroing faders pans and switching off all plug ins ( not very elegant). I can’t find a way of doing this with the render function. Anyone have an insight as to how I can achieve this very rudimentary task? (without the Audio Mixdown/backup Archive dance routine)

Also the import session data thing- Is it not poss to import the channel strip settings and omit the audio (inc track versions data) a la Ptools?


This has been very easy to do in Nuendo for a long time now.

  • Use range tool
  • Select the range from start of session to end across all tracks you want consolidated
  • Audio -> Bounce Selection

This will ask if you want to replace events (you can choose yes or no) and then all your new files are in your audio files directory. Simple!

Thanks Likelystory

Yes, I know this, but you can’t render these new files to a chosen folder or directory. It just lumps it in with the current project audio folder. You then have to hunt down the desired files, and move to a new location. This is workable for a small project, but a nightmare for a project with a large number of tracks no?

Go into your Windows file explorer, sort by date, and copy them across. It will be pretty obvious as to what is what.

I was hoping the new render in place function would have made this more elegant. Select desired tracks , create new consolidated files from in to out market to a location of choice, job done. Anyway I appreciate your help on this.


Yes, you can do this with RIP.

Great, would you care to share how to do this?

Consolidated, contiguous files, with same start and end point. Using the track name headers for each, sent to folder of choice.

thanks in advance

Choose range selection tool. Select required range and tracks in project window (or select everything using Ctrl + A). Select RIP setup. Select Export tab. Select ‘As One Event’. For the rest, you’ll have to read the manual, but the naming scheme includes the track name as an option.

Works a charm
Thanks for that.

Excuse me but what is RIP ?

Render In Place (or Rest in Peace)

Hohoho… Sorry for beeing stupid. I realized it after I wrote…