Consolidation in Cubase 8 pro

Can please somebody tell me how to consolidate files ( not glue, not render in place, not export ) just consolidate.
Just like ProTolls do. Thank you very much. Risto

Set the Right and left locator to the desired range. Double click on white space on the track(s) you want to consolidate. A new blank part will overlay. Select all on the track. Select the Glue Tool. Click the part. All of your regions / cut up audio files will now be in the consolidated. If you want to bounce everything together to create new consolidated wav go to Menu -> Audio - > Bounce

thank you for the answer but is any other chance to consolidate to new wav without bounce procedure. Like in ProTools. in PT you find in menu “consolidate” and new file (visible in audio pool) will be created (no bounce, no export) in this case I am sure, the new file is just “merged” from individual parts (no bounce) Thank you very much for help.

Select events or use range tool. Audio/Bounce selection.

Yes using the range tool is another way to do it - maybe even simpler!

Cubase is not Pro Tools. There is no consolidate command so you are obliged to use Bounce, RIP or Export. RIP is the closest to consolidate (following the procdure below).

  • Bounce has already been described.

  • To use RIP, select the the range selection tool and Press Ctrl + A to select the range of the whole project, open Render settings and select ‘as one event’. Select ‘Mute source events’. Press the Render button.

  • To use Export, set the left/right locators to the required range (try using Ctrl+A and then press P), then open Export/Audio Mixdown and activate channel batch export. Tick the channels you want to export. Press the Export button.

I don’t know pro tools, but bounce selection will replace and create a new audio file. Exactly like consolidate in Ableton Live.

Hi guys, thank you all for help. I apriciate you sent all the info. All above dascribed procedures are well know to me. So to summery is, CB can not consolidate like a PT. My by the issue for Steinberg friends like a future request :slight_smile: so thank you again. All the best. Risto

Cubase doesn’t have a function called Consolidate but Bounce Selection does exactly the same thing unless I am missing something.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

Exactly, ‘bounce’ does what ‘consolidate’ does in Cubase. It’s just a different nomenclature. (Afaik ‘bounce’ in Pro Tools would be ‘export’ in Cubase etc.)