Constant Crackling in Cubase 6


I’ve have just recently purchased Cubase 6 and installed it yesterday. After downloading and installing Cubase 6.5 I started it up to have a try at recording something. I changed the ASIO driver to my interface (Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 DSP connected via Firewire) and started. So I recorded a piano track with a Condenser Mic and all seemed well. However after about 20 seconds of playback I start getting really bad crackling which won’t go away. I’ve tried recording a couple of times and it isn’t the microphone, because if I restart Cubase I get about 20 seconds before the crackling starts and if I listen to a part of the recording that was crackling it doesn’t for those 20 seconds. Now I have had a search on google for this problem and most people site latency issues, but my CPU usage barely moves off minimum (AMD FX 8-Core Bulldozer) and I have 8GB of RAM.

I must say that I am a complete novice when it comes to music recording so if anyone has any ideas please post. I just want to start recording :frowning:

If you think that you have the cards buffers at a reasonable setting for your system and you still have problems then have a look at this article.

You can check your current buffer size in device setup. There should be a ‘configure’ button or something along those lines right where you selected the focusrite driver in Cubase. Increase the buffer and see if it makes a difference.

Thanks split!!! Checked out the Focusrite and had a look at the Windows 7 compatability stuff. Changed my Firewire driver over to the Windows Legacy one and bam all sorted. Cheers!!!

No probs :stuck_out_tongue: