Constant Crashing, Hangups, and Freezing

In my song project I am using two instances of GA5, one sampler track, and a couple of audio tracks. The performance is sitting between 15% and 30% and never peaks. I can barely work on the song because it is crashing so often.

Edit: I cannot get a more recent Crash Dump. What am I doing wrong?
2019.04.21 0001_22 Cubase10 Crash.dmp (496 KB)

What OS are you running?

I am running Win 10, Is it not a stable release on Windows?

Windows just released a new update. Have you configured your system to not automatically install updates? You can look at your Windows Update history to see which OS version you’re running. That might help determine if it’s a problem. Which version is your OS build number? 18362.295?

These automatic Win10 updates can impact software which was otherwise stable, prior to the OS update.


that specific crash occurred in Geist2.dll, but it looks like UI related to me.
Please try and re-install the NVIDIA driver following the instructions here:

Which GPU adapter are you using?

Yeah I uninstalled Geist 2 after it was marked as virus laden. I am wondering what the issue is now, there are literally no third-party application vsts running in that project.

Edit: I am using GeForce Rtx 2060

Does the crashing persist?
If yes and they generate crash dumps, please send over a few.

If yes, but you get no dumps, that’s usually a UI-related issue, you could try to re-install the NVIDIA driver (custom mode -> select video driver only -> check the ‘clean installation’ option as described in the link in my previous post).
You can choose the Studio Driver instead of the GRD for that card, please be sure to download the SD.

Does Cubase freeze? If yes, could you force a dump via Task Manager please?

How would one go about “forcing a dump” on Mac OSX? Asking for a friend.

I have the same issue since the last window 10 update, how do I correct that?

last night it just froze everything on else would work on my computer but cubase was loacked down could not even do a dump file
grrrrrrr paid allot money for this

@Chizzler: on OS X you don’t need to force a dump, it generates hang files which are saved in (System)Library -> Logs -> Diagnostic Reports

@plcpaul: if the problem started with the last Windows update, you might want to either roll back a re-apply the update or try and fix what the update could have broken: re-install audio device drivers and repair dependencies (NET, Redistributables) in the first place

I uninstalled the last windows update and things seemed to be working better, however windows 10 just reinstalled it next time I shut down so back to where I was, Is the a chance the Cubase would be patched or updated as it seems windows does not give a control over my updates like it used to .
I am not 100% sure that was my fix cause I didnt have long before it reinstalled but it seemed to working that day.

Following this… I also had several crashes when loading Cubase, after recent Windows update. Dumping my preferences and updating my eLicenser software seemed to help. Still watching it carefully to see if it has more problems.


Cubase will keep on being tested and updated, sure.

However, there are no known serious issues with the current version of Windows 10 - but there are things that can go wrong during an update. Usually the components that can get broken can be fixed (.NET, Redistributables, but also the eLC installation, the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver and so on).

@plcoaul1 if it still freezes without a crash dump, please open the Task Manager while Cubase is frozen, right-click Cubase (not responding…) and select ‘Create Dump File’.
You’ll possibly need to upload it, these files are generally very big. You can also send a System Information file to support, these can usually tell us something about the crash, even if no crash dump was generated.

In Settings -> Windows Update -> Advanced Options you should be able to delay the Update installation (Home has some restrictions I believe) or at least choose Semi-Annual Channel instead of the Semi-Annual Targeted Channel.

Very Cool, thanks.

OK, I’ve attached one of todays hang files. I have a lot. This version of Cubase is just not working, I’m losing days of work in Melodyne and Revoice Pro. I save files and make backups then I can’t get Cubase to open them.Can you tell anything from these files? is there a conflict somewhere? Is there a way for simpletons like me to diagnose what the issue is?


sending a PM.