Constant low note in Play Back

When using play back there’s a constant low note from the very start through all other instruments. According to the manual there is probably something wrong withe the endpoint configuration. All setting seem to be correct, I Tried a lot of things but without result so far.
Any suggestions on how to solve this annoying problem? Thanks!

This really sounds like a keyswitch being triggered while it should not. It’s a matter of expression map. What vsti are you using, and are you generating your playback using a playback template (in which case there might be problems with the expression map) or manually ?

@MarcLarcher : Thanks. I’m using Halion Sonic SE for all instruments, except harp (because it’s not in Halion), for which I’m using Aria Player Multi VST x64. Always worked before, I cannot figure out what went wrong this time.

Referring to template: Not that I’m aware of. Where can I find that?

In this case, you should go to Play meny>Playback template > Hso+Hsse apply and close. Then change your harp instrument manually. The order in which you perform these steps matters a lot : once you use the play mode manually, you litterally override any magic Dorico could make for you. So first use the playback template to get most of your instruments properly setup automatically, then tweak manually for those instruments you don’t use that often — or create yourself a playback template with those instruments if you use them a lot. John Barron has explained this quite thouroughly in some of its Discover Dorico sessions, please ask if you’re interested in that aspect of the software!

The template is already on Halio Sonic SE and I remember going over this step several times without result. I’ll try again.

There might be an error in the expression map used by one instrument in HSSE — I admit I seldom use those sounds… It would be interesting to track down which instrument has the wrong keyswitch activated so that the expression map could be corrected (in your machine and in future updates of Dorico).

@MarcLarcher : I went over the complete process after closing Dorico and rebooting. Seems to work correctly now but still don’t know what ceused it. Thanks a lot anyhow!

Well, certainly not the best harp in the world… :smiley:

@Alberto_Maria: It says harp, but it’s in fact an acoustic guitar, Doesn’t sound anyway near a harp.


:smiley: GM, you know :wink:

Nor an acoustic guitar…

I added that screenshot because you said Harp was not in HALse (actually is in Pitched Percussion:interrobang: :wink: ). Anyway about quality, probably many other instruments are not in HALse :slight_smile:

I use Dorico for scoring and HALse sounds just for checking what I wrote. The two are a very good solution for me. When I need serious sound I use valid VSTs and Cubase.