Constant Noise Plugging TS cable into Interface with TS (guitar )

Playing Nothing, there is a constant noise creating only plugging this. Earthing is checked several times. No issues were found. Tested Interface, TS cable and Guitar in another studio. Working fine. Is there any technical problem in Cubase?

Hello and welcome.
No, there is no known technical issue in Cubase that would generate such noise.
I would continue to search your hardware for the root of the noise. (Bad plug, defective electric component somewhere, etc.)

what kind of pickups does the guitar have, and how long is the cable? single-coils are prone to noise unless using 2 pickups simultaneously (e.g. the 2 and 4 positions on a Strat), and longer cables can pick up noise if they’re not shielded.

also, try moving away from your PC/computer monitor–those can cause interference as well. for me, I have to move back 3 or 4 feet from my desk and angle the guitar so it’s almost 90 degrees to the monitor in order to get the best signal-to-noise ratio.

and you’re going straight from the guitar output into the interface, correct? no pedals or a DI box, etc. in between?

none of that is likely to be a problem in another studio, so it’s not surprising it works fine there (if it’s a pro studio, anyway–other than that, YMMV).

oh, and also make sure you’re using an instrument cable, not a TS speaker cable–I’ve made this mistake before, and it was a noisy one…