Constrain Delay Compensation and ASIO Guard 2


I use an UAD Apollo via Firewire which introduces an additional latency (besides the soundcard latency) of 512 samples for DSP processing of plugins running in Cubase.
If I have quite a few UAD plugins running in a project and I am tracking a Virtual Instrument I need latency to be as low as possible. Normal the Apollo buffer can be set at 64 samples. In the past I have used Constrain Delay Compensation just while tracking the VI to avoid the additional 512 latency and then once finished then I turn it off. So while tracking the VI most of the UAD plugins are disabled and the cue mix is affected.

My question is - does ASIO Guard 2 help in this situation while tracking with a VI. Do I still need to use Constrain Delay Compensation to get the lowest latency (i.e. only 64 and not 64 +512) or does ASIO Guard pre-process the existing tracks with UAD plugins allowing a latency of 64 samples without Constrain Delay Compensation?