Constrain Delay Compensation, bug? (C9.5 & C9.0)


I save a new project with Constrain Delay Compensation On (further - CDC). Project have some VST instruments and Multiband Compressor and Maximizer in Stereo OUT Instert slots.

When I open, CDC button is pressed, but not working, because sound played on MIDI keyboard and sound coming from VST Instruments are processed by plugins in Stereo OUT Insert slots - they are not muted as they should be when CDC button is pressed.

Cannot describe step by step, because it happens not always at first try. Simpliest - create new project, add one VST instrument, add multiband compressor and maximiser to main out and save project with CDC on. Then open it and play MIDI keyboard - is there a delay or not?

Can someone check this?

Hi I can confirm midi input latency with a multibandcompressor on the output bus. This is regardless for me if i have CDC on/off. Funny thing, the output bus does not care if the MBC is on or off. As soon as it is listed in the insert section i have very noticeable latency. For practical purposes, i create a preset and then remove the MBC from the insert slot in case additional midi recording is required on the project. (CUB 9.5 Pro)