Constrain Delay Compensation-how does it work? Nothing seems to change

I’ve read the manual and watched videos on this and I am trying to ‘make’ this work by inserting a plugin with latency (11+ ms). According to everything I’m reading and/or hearing, this plugin is supposed to be disabled while recording. I’ve put the plugin right on the recording track and I don’t see or hear any difference either way.
So, is this orange light supposed to be on or off and when…only while recording…only when mixing…all of the time. I imagine that there should be some indication when the latency is detected. I’ve got nothing.
I just want to know how this works and how to tell if it’s working. I put in on a track and started recording; then clicked the button on and it stopped the recording saying that there was dropout; so something’s working. But no latent plugin turns off. What am I missing. Thanks to all.


Switch the button On. Enable Record of the track. Now the plug-in becomes deactivated.

Thanks Martin, but I’ve just tried that and even fed the recorded group (with just the vocal) into the new recording track, added another plugin (two UAD Legacy at 11.3ms each; total 22.6ms) and still it doesn’t shut anything off. I watched a demo video and you can see the plugins are disabled when recording. Still a mystery. Thanks for the response.

Found it. I had the plugins coming from the ‘sends’ instead of the ‘inserts’. I missed that little detail. So it will turn the plugin off if it’s in the insert of the recording track; but has no effect on the plugins in the send buses. Since it’s the first time in twenty years of using Cubase that I have ever questioned this feature, it’s news to me. I was more curious as to seeing it in action; I’ve never had a need for it. Thanks to all who came to my aid. Have a great day.