Constrain Delay Compensation Multi Track Overdubs

I’m not sure I’m fully understanding CDC in this case. When I have a project with multiple tracks (Drums/Bass/Guitar etc.) and I’d like to record more tracks to the projects I’m sending many of the previous tracks to Cue mixes. When I enable CDC I see latent plug ins on the record enabled tracks+Group tracks are disabled but not any of the other tracks in the project (some with fairly large latency numbers). Does that latency not show up in the Cue mixes and thus affect timing (i.e. Drums out of sync with new tracks)?

Quick Edit/Add: My question is because I’ve been historically hard disabling all plugins with latency for over dubs/new track recording which is an overall very tedious task. I’m not sure if CDC will fully work for what I’m trying to do or not.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

All the tracks with the Record disabled are not in the “life” mode, so they can be sent to be processed beforehand (ahead by the latency time). The Record Enabled tracks are waiting for the life input, therefore they couldn’t be pre-processed.

That means, all the tracks will be perfectly in sync.

Ok now thanks now I think I get it, if the other tracks are being pre-processed then that makes sense thanks.