Constrain Delay Compensation question

I’m running latency causing plugins (mostly UAD) and when I need to record on a VST instrument track I turn on Constrain Delay Compensation which is AWESOME as it will bypass all latency inducing plugins in the chain allowing me to record with little to know latency! However it has no effect on Audio send effects with latency. So when I turn this on, I’m now getting phasing between my source (drums) and my send effect (heavy compression for parallel compression).

Of course this is only during tracking, and when I turn Constrain Delay off after tracking everything plays back in sync. However this is very annoying to hear this phasing while tracking drums, and of course if I add more UAD or latency inducing plugins as send effects, it starts to cause a noticeable echo. For reverb effects this is still a useable solution as its just like a pre-delay, but with drum tracking through parallel compression this is obviously an issue.

Is there a way to have Constrain Delay compensation MUTE my send FX? If not any advice on this situation? I know I can temporarlly turn off the send manually, but I must admit I will forget to turn it back on and when I turn off Constrain Delay Compensation I wonder why my mix sounds different, end up trying to adjust with volume automation etc, only to find out that I’m missing my parallel compression track because I forgot to turn it back on after recording!!! :blush:

Any advice? Maybe I will see if I can create some sort of project logical editor macro that will be a combination of turning the Constrain Delay Comp on and muting my FX sends for the selected track. Would this be possible? Never made a macro before…

Try putting your parallel effects on a group instead of an FX track and send to that.

Oddly I just tested myself quickly using multiband compressor inserted on both FX and group channels and both were switched off by CDC but this shouldn’t be the case according the manual.