Constrain Delay Compensation

I’ve noticed some plug in guitar stuff works with Constrain Delay Compensation on
and some don’t. I s there a setting for this ?


You can switch some plug-ins (for example Steinberg Compressor; the Live button).

In general, if the plug-in works in real-time, it is not going to be disabled when you enable the Constrain Delay Compensation.

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Thanks Martin,
Amplitube doesn’t sound but Helix Native does when i use the Delay Comp’

Constrain Delay compensation means, not using delay compensation.

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I think I’ve not understood this, and got it the wrong way round

A few things to note.

You can change the amount of latency for CDC to kick in. (In prefs)
The CDC state may effect your render.
It’s sometimes difficult to remember if it’s on or off. That’s why I did this:


Many Thanks 'll try that.

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My usual disclaimer. It’s a bit long-winded as it was an excerpt from a previous Livestream, (about the PLE). :sunglasses: