Contact for VST SDK Licensing Agreement

I’d like to send over a signed VST SDK Licensing Agreement. Can you point me to the correct contact person?

I’d also have some additional questions (because we’re a couple of months late with sending the agreement), so an email adress and phone number would be great.

Thank you!

For us this is now a time-critical issue, so any response would be appreciated.

Also, I should mention that Steinberg telephone support pointed me to this forum as the only candidate to address the licensing issue, so I hope a responsible contact person can reply here. Thank you!

An answer would be highly appreciated. Thanks.


you can send a Fax to Steinberg: Fax: +49 40 210 35-300
or send an email to

If you have already released a product, it is not too late to send now the license agreement.
Best regards

Hi Yvan,

Great, thanks for your reply.

Additionally to a hard copy that we sent out on Monday to the address on the licensing PDF, we now sent a copy to the email address kindly provided by you. To reflect your confirmation here that it is okay to register late (after product release) also in the signed agreement, would you be able to put an execution date retroactively (as per our request in the email)?

And from your experience, how long will it take to process this licensing request?

Thank you very much!

We received positive email confirmation today, so this topic is solved. Thanks.