Contact Support Endless Loop Trap

I want to Open a Ticket, like Any other Company Plugin-allience for example, allows to open tickets in MyAccount.

here says to login to MySteinberg:

MySteinberg says:
Go to Distributors:
End Users say:
Contact Support
Goes back to:
Goes Back to 0:


Click, Click, Click, in Circles. LOL. Jajajajajaja

Please contact the distributor for your country. Press Ctrl+F and type your country’s english name to find it easily.

Maybe the local distributor in your country is a NASA Engineer,
but here, local distributor / salesman knows nothing.

it´s like talking to a wall. LOL. Jajajajaja

i need to talk to someone that knows More than Me.
only the developer knows more than me. LOL. Jajajajaja

Steinberg support compared to plugin-alliance support is 0. LOL. Jajajajaja

If you have a question about Steinberg products or gear please go ahead and ask.

Otherwise, your posts are off topic and some have been removed. See

how can be a complain about a company using Steinberg eLicenser Technology “abusing customers”, is off topic.?

where do i complain?
do i cross my fingers? LOL. lost my money?
is that how eLicenser Works?

if there is a problem is not my problem? LOL. Jajajajaja

Look at the title of this forum. It’s about VST plugins. So here you can ask a question, or talk about that.

Unfortunately, it’s true that in countries outside the EU and North America support depends on individual vendors, and the results vary widely.

At the the same time, people in this forum can answer most any question, or help solve any issue you have with SB products.

If you want to complain, and only complain. there’s even a forum for that: