Contact support if there's no direct Steinberg support in my country?

Where can i find Steinberg support email address???!!! What a nightmare!
No one to talk to, I don’t want to talk with the distributor in my country.
I need someone from Steinberg.

You are talking to the user community, which is probably better than your local dealer.

Ask your question, and you will probably get an answer.

Email via your My Steinberg , with the right attitude they are very responsive

Not all countries have access to create support tickets. In those that do not, users are directed to their local distributor with varying results.

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Ohh , that’s not good then , surely they should make the My Steinberg support world wide via messages ?

The local distributors are generally able to help with the most common issues, while also being able to communicate in your native language. If they are unable to help you, then they contact Steinberg’s support team for assistance.