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Is there anyone on this forum that works for Steinberg? I find myself running round & round in circles. I’m awating a response to a support ticket which is over a week old (I have posted the issues on the forum, also - no responses) but now I try to raise another ticket and my login - the same login I’ve been using all Steinberg-related things (this forum included) is marked as incorrect.

I try creating a new steinberg ID, but my email is all ready registered; of course it is, I set it up ages ago. I am unable to make a phone call at present, because my phone is lost. I can’t find any way to request a password reset; does anyone know how to do that?

Please don’t leave me out in the cold, Steinberg, I’ve used your products since it was a midi sequencer on Atari ST1040

Right on the MySteinberg account logon page it has a “Reset Password” link.

Regards :sunglasses: