Containerize Automation Data - speed up workflow when using automation in the creative process

I just saw a video on ProTools where somebody basically put automation data into a container, similiar to how we can put audio or midi events into a container (part).
The usefulness of this is when you use automation in the creative process, before mixing and mastering, you would be able to move, duplicate, time adjust automation events by just working on the container. In an advanced step it would be thinkable to combine this with a part preset file, where the plugins are stored together with the automation data. E.g. to activate a delay only on certain syllables or notes.

The idea is to use concepts familiar to Cubase to create this new ability.

Example - Effects track:
Currently an effect track displays one of the adjustable parameters on the highest level, by default it is Volume. This could be changed to utilize the functionality of a Folder track, which shows all events, in this case automation events, in parts (=container).

Currently you can, of course, use the Range tool to work on a block of automation data but you’d have to perform the selection task everytime you switch to a different block of automation. This results in slow workflow.

I am sure something similiar could be introduced also to insert effects.

I don’t use automation in the way that it was/is used on big studio mixing desks. I’d invite you to point out any possible incompatibilities this would introduce with other methods of using automation already existing in Cubase.

Currently you can use Edit>Group to group Events, Parts and Automation which lets you select & move them as a group. In the animated gif below the 3 Automation Data Points and the MIDI Part (on a different & totally unrelated Track) are all grouped together and will move together.

Grouping Parts and Automation


Hey Raino,

thank you so much for the nice workaround. That will work on many occassions. You can easily move or copy the part for the automation to follow.
However, since changes on the part like resizing and time stretching don’t work and neither would you be able to save a combination of plugins, automation data and parts as one preset file I will leave this feature request active.
Maybe the dev team will think about turning containerization of automation data from a workaround into a feature.

Edit: Also just found out that if I hide the automation lane and then move the part, the automation data does not move along. Furthermore splitting the part can lead to some unexpected result. So the group only works as long as its events are visible.

That’s interesting. I wonder if that’s for everything or just Automation.