Content created in Halion 6 compatible with Halion Sonic SE?


I wonder if content created with Halion 6 can be opened in Halion Sonic SE?
I especially refer to a future Halion Sonic SE 3, which might me included in a future Cubase update.
Thanks in advance for any info.

Yes, as stated by Matthias:

I must say this is definitely a step to the right direction and I hope that these new possibilities will mitigate the hegemony of Kontakt!


Hello valsolim,
I haven´t seen this topic you mention, but the official answer is really good news and I agree with you, that this is a step into the right direction.

All the best and a great weekend.

Hi there,

as stated by Matthias as well, the content has to adhere to the few HSSE feature constrains:

… as long as you take care of the restrictions like the size of the Macro Page and the number of layers …