Content Dorico Pro 4 (Recommended) installationn help

There Dorico users,
I have installed Dorico 4 successfully on Windows but when it comes to installing the recommended Content Dorico 4 sounds I am puzzled and a bit confused…
I have downloaded the new sounds content from the Steinberg Download Assistant in the Download folder and ended up with several .vstsounds files like the ones that were installed on this folder path (ProgramData>Steinberg>Content>HALion>VST Sound) when I installed Dorico 3.5.

I have read in the manual that to install the .vstsounds it is a matter of double-clicking on each file and the Steinberg Library Manager will appear and the sounds will be installed in the correct folder as mentioned above, unfortunately after double-clicking on any of the newly download .vstsound I get a window telling me the following: No action was performed! The corresponding VST Sounds are already registered. Interestingly some of the files I try to install are new content and not present in the original Drico 3.5 VST Sound folder!

The above message from the Steinberg Library Manager means that I am all set and don’t need to bother installing the new sound content for Dorico Pro 4 or am I missing something?
I have also noticed that the new Dorico Pro 4 sound content for Halion includes files that are not present in the sound content for Dorico 3.5.

I am just wondering if I can simply copy all the new Dorico 4 sound content in the same ProgramData>Steinberg>Content>HALion>VST Sound folder that version 3.5 is using.

Thanks a lot in advance for any hep and best regards to all,


I’m having the same problem. I’ve double checked the library manager and find everything there that should be, given other troubleshooting articles. I wonder if something isn’t right in the way it detects?

Aha! I found what fixed it for me! The error message was misleading. I had all the sounds in the right place, and I had the full version of Halion 6 installed. But for some reason, it whines about not finding the sounds if you don’t have Halion 6 SE installed. Once I installed Halion 6 SE, the message went away and everything worked. I’d call that a sub-optimal experience for owners of Halion 6 to say the least.

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If you’ve downloaded the sounds and double-clicked them to open them in Steinberg Library Manager, and it tells you that they’re already registered, then you’re good to go: you can delete the downloaded sounds and move on with your day. Sorry for the confusion.


Dear Daniel,

Thanks a lot for your kind and prompt reply… glad I am all set as every time I double-clicked any of the new .vstsounds I get the message from the Steinberg Library Manager that they are already registered:-)

Comparing the files inside the new Dorico 4 Sound Content with the ones present in the Halion>VST Sound that I have when installing Dorico 3.5, I have noticed the following:

  1. Dorico 4 Sound Content is missing the following .vstsound files compare to what is present inside the Halion>VST Sound folder:


  1. These files are present in the new Dorico 4 Sound Content but I don’t have them inside the Halion>VST Sound folder or anywhere for that matter inside the ProgramData>Steinberg>Content folder:


Thanks a lot for any further explanation… best regards,


Hi there,

Thanks for your kind reply and feedback… I only use the Halion SE 3.5 provided with Dorico and Cubase.

Best regards,

I’m afraid my knowledge of exactly how the different sounds are split into .vstsounds files is basically non-existent. If Steinberg Library Manager shows at least the same things as I have here in this picture, you’re OK:

(In fact LoFi Piano is not part of the Dorico recommended sounds, but I happen to have it installed here on my Mac too.)

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Many thanks Daniel, much appreciated your speedy reply!

Yes indeed, I have everything as shown in your screenshot…

Kind regards,

Sorry for the question.
I wanted to know if “Dorico pro 4 contains” any changes compared to the libraries of version 3.5. If it does not contain any I avoid downloading 10 gigabytes of sounds that I already have

In Steinberg Download Assistant you will see a separate category for “Dorico Pro 4 Update”:


The content in this category is much smaller than the one in “Dorico Pro 4” as it includes only the changes from v3.5, which in this case is just a single file (Olympus Choir Micro).

Thank you so much!
I entered the download code and “Dorico4” appeared automatically.
The excitement didn’t make me think about checking …

Forgive me, but the rush makes you play tricks, also because I’m here a day late :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

I too was wondering what to do with that other downloaded folder, after I seemed to have finished installation otherwise… It wasn’t immediately evident, but I think I have it all done now. Thanks to all!