"Content load Library" loading slow (SOLVED)

I had no problems starting Cubase Pro 10 pretty fast, say with 1 minute.

Today however I started experiencing problems. The “Content load library” x of 161 takes ages (10-15 min) to load all of a sudden.

Today I also experienced missing “FCP_SMT_009_Cubase.vstsound” while starting. But the file is were it should be and assigning it does not solve the problem. I tried the whole reinstall from fresh downloaded file.

I am missing content for Retrologue expansions, so I reinstalled those as well and MediaBay takes all of a sudden ages to scan.

I also trashed my preferences. Did not help much.

Am I having a bad day or did Cubase degrade all of sudden for me?

You could try by downloading all the visual basics (x86 and x64) and latest dot net. de install the installed ones, then re-install in chronological order.

ALSO & general: I made a folder called VSTsound on another hard-disk partition, in my case F:\VSTsound.

Then moved all the large ***.vstsound i found in C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Content, also those from the subfolders like Halion, Groove Agent etct, and eventual other possible places (do a search?) on C, all in to same directory to the new folder F:\VSTsound.

In the NEW folder i created shortcuts for all those collected ***.vstsound files. Then i moved the shortcuts back to C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Content.
Never had an issue since. If you still have problems, you could create a subfolder in there, with names like C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Content\Groove Agent\VSTsound, and just put a copy of all the shortcuts there too if you like.

You could try to use the Steinberg library manager, but IMO it makes too many errors deleting the wrong files. F

(PS i want to sell my Cubase 9.5 pro retail, or a full Cubase 10 PRO retail, i have both) And if someone makes a right offer, i can include licenses for Halion 5 and or Simon Phillips Studio Drums on the eLicenser. PM me then, paypal and buyers warranty is possible)

To future Cubase users that experience slow startups due to “initializing Content load library”. Today I timed my startup to 8 minutes, with an ample system with mainly SSD disks.

I researched the net for similar experiences. I tried the following the last couple of days:

  • Moving library files with Steinberg Library Manager to various locations, other SSD-disks (did not help)
  • Use various exclusions settings in Windows Defender (did not help)
  • Various settings in Mediabay, such as only scan mediabay when mediabay is opened. (did not help)
  • Reinstalling Cubase (did not help)
  • Running Cubase in safe-mode (did not help)
  • Running Cubase in safe-mode after deleting preferences (did not help)

However the following helped:

  • De-install Cubase Pro 10
  • Remove the following folder completely: %AppData%\Steinberg\Cubase 10_64
  • Install Cubase Pro 10

My new Cubase startup total load time is 16 seconds.

do you mean fully uninstall Cubase 10?(program and content or just program)
and do you mean it now loads content in 16 seconds?

I completely uninstalled Cubase and the whole program loads in 16 seconds.

Did NOT work on my end. I even reinstalled WINDOWS 10, deleting ALL apps

One small update on this one.
You don’t actually need to re-install (remove/install) Cubase again…
Just go to C:\Users<your_user_name>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg

    1. Backup All your Cubase XX_64 Folders to another folder.
    1. Delete the (e.x.) Cubase 11_64 Folder
    1. Run Cubase (You reset all the settings from the beginning, will take some time!)
    1. Close Cubase
    1. Go to your backup folder that you copy the old settings. (Cubase 11_64 Backup Folder)
    1. Copy ONLY the folders (NOT the .XML files for the moment!!)
      (Meaning: Batches,MIDI Remote,Panels,Presets,Project Templates,Scripts,TreeView)
    1. Run Cubase and Exit Again (To Confirm that Still is Starting Fast!!)
    1. After ONLY the .XML you really need !!
      (KeyCommands, Preferences Settings, HDPI Settings, External Plugins, Quick Controls, and Workspace Settings.)
      Default Project Workspace.xml
      External Plugins.xml
      Key Commands.xml
      Quick Controls MIDI.xml
      VST Quick Controls MIDI.xml
    1. Run Cubase

FINALLY you can Enjoy Fast Start Up !!! : )

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Rename C:\Users[your name]\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 10.5_64\mediabay3.db

When Cubase starts it will generate a new Media Bay Database and load fast. Let me know if that works for you. Try moving all the settings into a new folder while Cubase is stuck loading to find out which file is the one actually being used during the slow load. Rename that file and it should generate a new one next time it opens. Make backups just in case.


Thanks a lot brother!!!