Content on audio tracks is gone

Hello all,
I went to an old track I wrote a while back to adjust something and when I opened it up, the waveform on a number of the files was gone.
There is no sound coming out of those files either. No idea what happened.
Picture attached for reference.
Have I messed something up?

Thanks in advance.

Certainly Cubase comes up with a “missing files” notice…?
You have deleted- or moved- or had not copied- or saved the original files.

If I had deleted them, is there any simple way of getting them back? Is it a case of just opening the Recycle Bin and restoring them?

I opened the Pool Window up and found the files, am I able to just restore them from there?

if it really is the files - yes. But it is much simpler to do it with the “missing files” popup on startup if you get it.
From the pool: select the track - open pool slectr desired file -> right click ->insert into project -> at origin / at cursor position etc.whatever you prefer.

Okay, thank you. Is there an issue if there’s nothing in the “Image” part? There’s usually a waveform showing the sound, but I don’t see anything.

If the event is empty, the file is no longer found by Cubase.