Continuation lines missing in Condensing Full Score

In the attached project, notice that the Transposing Full Score Galley View has cresc molto al … ff but the Condensing Concert Full Score Page View has lost the continuation line between the molto al and the ff
Crescendo lines diagnostics.dorico (533.2 KB)

I think the issue is that the properties for the line style are set differently between the different layouts. Select the gradual dynamics in the layout with the desired properties and do Edit > Propagate Properties.

Yes! That’s it!

Thanks Daniel.

Made me realise that I don’t permanently need both the Concert and Transposing Full Scores alongside each other all the time … just to get out of sync with layout changes etc.
About the only thing that should be different in the final Concert Score should be some clefs, and that can be done when the transcription from the original Transposing score is near completion.