Continue A Song Once Archived on newer computer

Hi folks:
I want to continue onwards with old songs that got put into an archived folder.

I recently bulldozed my harddrive. I have good old Windows XP on my computer and I’m using Cubase 5.0 right from the box.

Some of my songs were written in Cubase SL3 others in Cubase 5. When I load a song, I have to manually choose the the output bus for each track (I’m using M-Audio Firewire 410) as Cubase doesn’t know or remeber what Audio card I was using before. Now if I want to start doing those vocal tracks again it won’t let me probably as all reference points are missing from original hard disc, folder.

Any work around this so I can at least take the wave files, midi stuff and create fresh new vocals tracks and then save it all again?

Not quite understanding what you’re saying.

The thing is cubase remembers your old soundcard setting so you will need to setup your new soundcard settings for it to all work, select the correct driver, setup the new connections and maybe the output routing for the channels then save it. Next time you load the project it will all be as last saved.

In the past I have experienced problem where it wouldn’t allow me to create a new track! I thought that’s it then I couldn’t add on.

I just tested one of my older tunes and sorted out the audio bus for each track. Then I attempted to add a channel of mono audio and it allowed me to create an extra track, great. My question is though, will a NEWLY recorded vocal track drop it’s self into the exact same Folder I’m working with (or place the wavefile somewhere random on my harddrive)?

In the toolbar on the Pool, at the far right, it should show you the location of the “project folder”. You can change where it saves the recorded audio. Page 71 talks about setting the record folder for each track. If you want to change the project folder completely and move everything to it, use the “backup project…” function.

Thank you Jaslan…