Continue writing from last selection after inserting system break in engrave mode?

Is there a way to reset selection after mode change?

E.g., I’m entering some notes in write mode, I switch to Engrave, do something, then back to Write. Once back in Write, I want to continue where I ended - ideally in insert mode at the position where I left write mode, or at least at the position /selection where I was, I hit the enter key to continue writing from where I was.

If not, I propose there is a option to recall last mode-specific state, either with a key command or by default.

In general you should find that the selection is retained when you switch between Write and Engrave mode. If you’re using galley view in Write mode, then you will inevitably find that the score view shifts when you switch between Write and Engrave modes, due to switching to and from page view. But whatever item you had selected in Engrave mode should be selected when you switch back to Write mode. If you find that not to be the case, please provide some specific steps to reproduce the problem so I can look into it further.

However, you cannot automatically restart note input when returning to Write mode. You will indeed need to type Shift+N or hit Return to restart note input after switching mode.

Hi Daniel,

it seems the problem is specific:

  • in write mode, i’m inserting some notes
  • switch to engrave
  • insert system break at current position
  • return to write mode

At this point, selection in write mode is lost and it can not be resumed without selecting the next insertion point with the mouse.
If you just hit enter key when you are back in write mode, it opens “Manual Staff Visibility” dialog.

*I changed the title to be more specific

Yes, this specific problem arises because the signpost for a system or frame break is a global item, so it doesn’t belong to any particular staff. As such, at present there’s no way at the moment to navigate from a system-attached or global item back to the staff you were previously working on: Dorico doesn’t retain that knowledge, so it can’t easily go back there. This is definitely something we plan to address because it’s an impediment (one of many, sadly) to users with accessibility needs in using the software efficiently. So it will change in future.

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