Continuing note sound on Arturias jupiter and Sytrus 64


I do not know whether i done something wrong or something is up with cubase 10.5.
Arturia’s Jupiter has started to hang on to notes when playing from my keyboard , but not in standalone mode .
When i play a few notes the sound keeps evolving and going on until i press the panic button.
I got the same th Sytrus when i loaded it.
Anyone have any ideas ,because my Korg collection is unaffected

All the best


Try to add MIDI Monitor MIDI Insert, please. Check if Sustain Pedal (value 127) is not sent. You can also try to change your Audio Device Buffer Size (even decrease of it might help here).


I cannot understand what is going on
I Cubase as my main daw.
I have Bandlab, and Mixcraft which i do not use much ,but the Arturia synths are ok in the other daws.
I have a Yamaha Genos connected to a Focusrite 616. and to computer fast i7.

Iplay a chord and or notes in sucsession and they all jam and continue on until i switch button in corner off put back on and the same happens every time .
it does not happen with the Korg collectionand other synths
All of this happens just in Cubase 10.5.
This did not happen in Cubase 10 ,so i am confused .The standalone arturia synths play as they should.
It is just in Cubase these anomalies happen. I have no sustain commands going out .

This is so annoying

All the Best

i read about hanging notes and was lead to the Funny looking ‘e’.
ithought that when you set up the Standalone it works in the daws of your choice.

In Cubase you have to recheck in the editor and low and behold my keyboard workstation 1 was not highlighted. It was on all midi. :open_mouth:
I put that in and all is swimmingly great again.
If anyone else has hanging notes on certain synths check in the editor panel and check to see if your keyboard is in the box

Well it caught me out as the ins and outs have disappeared from the track and now are in the editor and that threw me
Hopefully no more blond moments for a while after putting in the updates

All the best John

I am going to make templates for everything now!!