Continuous Gliss Ends on Wrong Note?

Hopefully I’m doing something wrong. Attached is sample with the same 4 bar passage repeated - first with continuous gliss and the second with chromatic gliss.

The gliss is from F# to E, but in Playback the continuous gliss never gets to the E - instead it ends on the F. The chromatic gliss ends on the E. What am I missing? I’m using NotePerformer for playback with the default NotePerformer Expression Map.
Gliss (982.6 KB)

that’s not the default NP Expression Map. The pitch bend range is 12 semitones, not 24 as you have put which means the gliss is only going half as far as it should. NP only has pitch bend range of an octave. Change this or apply the default NP playback template and you’ll find it works as expected.

I am using the default NotePerfomer Expression map - AND- this gliss is only a whole step which is 2 semitones.

yes, but if you have set the wrong range in the Expression Map, then it won’t work properly. The max range of the pitchbend is 12 semitones or one octave (which is quite typical for other libraries as well which support pitchbend). When I apply the standard NP playback template which I have not altered. Compare your one :

with the unaltered one:

and you can see what’s happened. Setting the gliss to 24 steps means the gliss moves only half the required number of steps – you can easily test this yourself with other intervals.

Hey dkp22 - Thanks for that. I see what you were referring to with the 24 semi-tones. I changed that to 12, saved, closed and re-opened - but no change in behavior.

However - there is something odd happening here. I double checked and as it turns out these were working properly a week ago. In the intervening week I cloned default NotePerformer map and this was where I noticed this behavior. So I switched back to the default NotePerformer map - but that now is not working as well. So maybe I did something else to screw this up?

i am seeing one other strange behavior with the Expression Maps. When I open up my projects (I’ve tried several now) the Expression Map is set to whatever is the top of the list. I.e., it seems as if my projects are either not saving their associated Expression Map at all - OR - someone it’s being reset by Dorico every time I open a file. I set the default map to NotePerformer in Preferences.

Any thoughts?

that’s very strange. If I do nothing to your project other than changing the semitones to 12, it works correctly for me. It’s true that your project must be using your own custom NP playback template because I get a message when opening your project that template “user.noteperformer_w_solo is not installed on your system”. So it’s possible there is something in that template which is causing the problem. Of course the standard template which NP installs is simply called “NotePerfomer” – are you sure that if you just change your playback template to that one, that you still have problems? I’d be most surprised as again, that works absolutely fine here.

I don’t know what I did, but now things are working. The noteperformer_w_solo map was the clone of the original map. Why that was on my example is a mystery since I thought I had switched that over to the standard NotePerformer map before I downloaded my example - so most likely an error on my part.

Meanwhile, when I re-opened my cloned map it was back at 24 so I changed that to 12. And now both maps are working properly. Go figure . . . .

I’m still having the issue where the expression map is not being saved with the project, but that’s a separate issue.

Thanks again for the help!