Continuous Glissando playback on Synth

Hi – is it possible to set up continuous (i.e. like pitch bend) glissando playback on the Synthesizer instrument (I’m using Halion Sonic). Currently the default setting of glissando playback is chromatic, which I guess makes sense since it is a keyboard instrument. VST and Expression Mapping is not an area in which I really have much expertise so forgive me if this is a basic question.

If it’s not possible to change, does anyone have tips for a workaround? My VST strings etc are playing back as continuous glissandi, so I guess it is possible somehow.

The patches that come with HALion Sonic only support pitch bend over a range of two half-steps (semitones) so you’ll only get a continuous glissando if the interval between the first and last note is two half-steps or less. If you need a larger interval, you’ll need a different playback device.

mostly they are small semitone or tone glisses. How would I set it up so that the synth instrument would do this instead of the chromatic (keyboard) gliss it is currently playing back?

In theory, then, it should be as simple as selecting the glissando itself and using the Properties panel to specify that you want continuous playback rather than chromatic.

oh great! i didn’t think of looking there.