Continuous midi activity - cubase keeps getting notes without playing any

Hi there I really need your help!
I bought lately novation 88 keys keyboard and it working fine.
Somewhat cubase indicating that there are continuous midi activity down in the activity monitor and while recording it records c2 notes added to the ones playing.
Ive tried to reach novation support and together we found that the keyboard working fine the problem occur only in cubase!
plz help me if anyone knows how to fix it

In the Studio-Setup, you probably have to disable “All Midi In” on all additional midi ports registered by the 88 device.

It seems that everything is checked

Yes, and you should UNCHECK the first one “Launchkey … DAW”

hi, I face same issue. I use cubase 9 pro and Launchkey61 keyboard. Please refer the pic.

“Despite disabling the ‘All MIDI Input’ option, I am still experiencing constant MIDI note triggers. I tested this in the Cubase 13 trial version, and it worked flawlessly. However, in Cubase 9 Pro, the issue persists. I also attempted to reset the Launchkey to factory settings, but unfortunately, it did not resolve the issue.”

If I switch off “MIDIOUT” option then, there is no triggers