Continuously beep beep sound is coming

dear all. .
3 days before only i have purchased and activated my cibase 10.5 AI. yesterday onward at the time of recording beep beep sound is coming. What is the solution

My car won ´t start anymore - what is the problem…?

Check your Studio Setup. Watch some youtube videos and read the OM for the best quick start. Good luck.

Oh, for Pete’s sake, it’s a simple question.

Turn the metronome off.

I knew Pete! He never turned off the damn metronome! :wink:

But he sure learned to fish. :slight_smile:

Wow what a community! Its so nice that steinberg directs people here for official support, and for peer-to-peer hazings from arrogant users who mock them for being inexperienced! This is very productive, and Steinberg should be proud of such a forum.

I dont think it is arrogant to expect minimum knowledge of the product. A brief manual crossreading makes communication so much easier - and thus it also makes helping easier.

To me it IS arrogant to not understand little jokes, especially when the orginial answer was completely helpful for the OP.

So happy to read pinned posts, though /*irony off

Yes, Im sure having ignorance about a product you just paid good money for is reason for mockery and hazings, similar to the attempts to mock/haze experienced users with legitimate product issues that make the brand look bad when discussed. Obviously there is a language barrier here that you could help with, but Im sure your dry jokes are a hit somewhere.

If this wasnt an “official support community” and steinberg did not specifically route people here via official communications, it would be a non issue because, frankly, who cares about some rude, unhelpful elitists in some public forum? But this is a COMMUNITY SUPPORT forum, and as such should be maintained and cleaned of caustic, unhelpful personalities before the brand, itself, suffers their contributions here.

Still going on about this? :unamused:

My goodness, right on schedule.

Block lists are a good thing.

Just out of curiosity, have you ever actually contributed anything helpful to other forum members? I’m somewhat limited with my Cubase knowledge (not a “power user” by any means). But, I try to help when and where I can. It seems as if you are just on a mission and don’t have any interest in being a functional member of this, or any other, community. I have learned so much from the folks on these forums. It is somewhat offensive to witness your attitude.

Sorry about the thread derailing …

Well, Milkman… just have a look at the many helpful postings of the people you critisice here. The forum is an utterly useful place for so many, including myself. We for sure should not consider the remark that crossreading the manual or watch some basic introductory videos is helpful for getting help (!), because it might enable to ask questions that allow help, a rude action.
We - many of us, most of us - are really ready to help and often do so also with real beginners, of course. The forum imho is not a place where people just out of lazyness ask trivial questions that can easily be answered by viewing the usual ressources (like the online-manual). This would help to let the forum be a place of relevance for much more people, since the most recent posts would not always just be things like “I just spent a lot of money, how can I record now?”

So you say that since helpful comments and posts also exist here, that this makes it ok for the mockery, elitism, and intentional confrontations of customers who have varying levels of experience? Because that is the bottom line here on the “community support forums”, where steinberg officially sends customers. This makes it more than just a “community” forum, and as such the onus is on steinberg to do a better job moderating.

Ive done support, built networks, systems, production systems for over 30 years. When I encounter users who are ignorant, I dont mock or mistreat them, despite their tech illiteracy, I dont lie to them, and I try to help them. I judge others by my same standards, and I dont need buy-in from anyone else on those standards, thanks.

I have literally seen it suggested, by several users, that you shouldnt have credibility here until you have 1000s of comments posted.

For years, Ive seen this attitude, as if cubase and steinberg’s products are free of charge, open source, GNU community supported. They are NOT free, open source, GNU. This is a for-profit corporation.

Ive seen a long term (many years – Ive been lurking here for decades) patterns of users – who have just paid 100s of dollars for a license but who are new to the ecosystem – get mocked, attacked, discounted, etc. Meanwhile they cant get responses from official customer service emails, so they are reduced to dealing with this forum as their primary source of help. THIS is why moderation should be much better, and ignorant customers taken more seriously. This pattern is not acceptable.

Hey Milkman76, no offense was meant toward the OP. It was a light hearted chiding of those who “teach a man to fish” by rolling their eyes or pointing to the vast ocean, rather than offering a simple answer or even a clue. I am of the belief that music should be fun at any level and we all start somewhere. We don’t know the person on the other side of a post - their age, their education, their abilities, or how boggled they may be starting up Cubase for the first time. A good part of Cubase is hidden features and proprietary symbols. I think that coming here, signing in and posting a question is not being lazy. It is trying to learn and solve a problem. I also think that kindness is as much a measure of intelligence as iq, so if my comments came off as anything else, I apologize.

Ask away dear manuasm, and among the minefield of attitudes that is the recording industry, you might get your answer. There are a lot of helpful people here :smiley:

No, I get it, and this isnt even the worst of the comments/threads. I just saw this one, chose it as an example, and made my comments. There are much worse threads, lol. I dont mean to single you out, but just to make an example of something Ive seen here for decades.

Yeah, having done support 30 years, Ive received more… err… ignorant questions than you could imagine. I get it, it is frustrating, yep. But mocking the user with the ignorance is the worst way to handle that process, and when in a for-profit environment where the official support system isnt doing so well, leaving people in the “community”, it really doesnt feel so good to be a customer of that org. : /