Contour Shuttle 2 USERS w/C 8


Are there any Contour Shuttle 2 users using it with Cubase 8 for a transport/jog shuttle and other controls?

I have a Cubase 7 setting but there’s no cubase 8 setting, so i was wondering if any has been using this
and has created any settings that I could import into my setup.

thanks in advance,

el profe

I’m curious of this too. I had one a long time ago, and think about getting another.

I use a Contour Shuttlexpress, but I think the solution is similar. Simply copy or just rename the file in the shuttle utility and point it to the latest Cubase.exe file for the target app.

i’m using a 2015 imac 27" with Cubase 8.5 and El Capitan. I can’t get the ShuttlePro to even show as recognizing Cubase. It will work with Final Cut Pro and all the other programs it recognizes, but it won’t even show Cubase as being there… Anyone? … please?