Contour ShuttlePro shortcuts for jog/shuttle?

Are there any key-command shortcuts for shuttle (and speeds), or to use the jog-dial to step through a view, instead of a mouse? The fine-control of a stepper, and the fixed position of the shuttle dials are more intuitive and easier to work with than the mouse-control built in to WL9 (which is nice too!). This is one of the things I really miss from editing in Logic, Final Cut, and ProTools (all of which support this pretty simply so I’m guessing WL can too).


Check on this forum

Yeah, been there done that. Old versions of both there though. Not a big surprise.

The buttons are easy, not a problem. But the jog/shuttle in WL seems to be “modal”, while my “original” shuttlepro is somewhat limited in it’s multi-tasking and complex key assignments vs the newer ones. So that may be some or all of it.