Contour ShuttleXpress with Nuendo 10

Hello all.
I have been using my Contour ShuttleXpress with Nuendo on PC for many years now (I think from Nuendo 5 or 6…) without problem.
Today I find myself working on a Mac and the shuttle feature is acting up.
First I had to reprogram it entirely as the default shortcuts were not the correct ones: it was doing a nudge repeated several times according to the desired speed but did not work well at all (command+num+ for shuttle play and command +num- for shuttle reverse, repeated from once every second to 30/sec if I recall).
Now I reprogrammed it according to the shortcuts for shuttle play and reverse in the Nuendo key command menu.
It seems to be correctly programmed as the test in the keycommand menu test is reading fine for all 14 positions, but once in the project timeline it skips one position out of 2, both ways, and pause in between.
So I can only be able to shuttle play at 1/8 then it pauses then 1/2 then pause then x2 then pause then x8 and same in reverse…
I tried all setting in the shuttle express settings soft and only “hold key” is actually giving me something decent, which makes sense, but with the issues I described.
Anyone experienced this new issue?

oh and it was working fine up to Nuendo 8 (on PC)

Sounds like it needs cleaning…

Nope, that is not the problem.
As I wrote it, it is responding well, as it should, in the Contour setup software and in the keycommand window of Nuendo. (It also works fine in other soft like DaVinci Resolve).
There is definitely a software problem to solve, either in the « new » Nuendo, something in the setup I did not see, or in the Shuttlexpress setup for Nuendo 10, or something specific to Mac.
Is anyone here using it with Nuendo 10 or 11?

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