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Hi , Just purchased the older , Contour ShuttleXpress , any users , if so , what do u assign the 5 above knobs , n the outer wheel ?? of the middle main knob controls the transport bar , , i read that more than cubase users its used 4 Video editing ,… appreciate ur opinions n settings … n ohh , i m currently on win 10 , n Cubase 10.5 pro… thanks WS …,

One thing I noticed was that “jog” won’t really go by frame in Cubase/Nuendo. When binding to ‘step by frame’ it’ll actually trigger more than one step per “click” or “detent” of the controller. So I reassigned the wheel to zoom in/out instead.

Generally I recommend picking one type of action per key or jog/shuttle, and then add something logical in addition to that using modifier keys. So for example:

The wheel sends key command that targets increase/decrease fade in.

Then program your key commands so that a modifier (for example ctrl (mac)) makes the same wheel turn do the same thing but for the fade out. So same controller item does the same thing but different places. And look at your keyboard and lay it out logically, so on a mac use command for “in” and control for “out”, because the keys are located left/right just like in/out on screen…

I guess just generally think of how you have your hands when you work… and what tasks you perform the most that could use some help…

maybe that’s a starting point…

Thankx… it also has a springy outer rubber wheel …may be use that as the transport knob…

Yeah I have the larger “Pro” version of the Contour Shuttle. I think I had the spring set to fast forward at xSpeed. So I just map that to 2x, 3x and so on. I think that’s what I did at least. Works good for post on film and TV.

Been reading a lot about the shuttle wheel not working properly in Cubase or Nuendo. But it’s working fine on your part?

It was as I described it. I’m not really using it any longer with Nuendo.

I use the Xpress and it does as it should. The only annoying thing is where the focus is. In the arrangement window I have play/stop, nudge forward, nudge back. Go to beginning, record. The outer wheel is fast forward and rewind and the centre one is zoom which is actually very useful.

I mainly use it for stop/start, record, fff/rw and zoom. Zoom quite a bit as I find I’m always zooming in and out on parts. Can be annoying if you have clicked the mixer though and you zoom that instead

Buy a CC121 - job done.
Sell the shuttle to some other muppet

The two devices really do different things so it’s like comparing apples to oranges… which in turn makes it silly to call those who use either “muppets”.

Since the CC121 features a programmable jog wheel , and 4 programmable macros , and seamless integration into Cubase - only a muppet would buy a Contour shuttle.
Especially given the integration problems reported in so many instances.
Yes , nice idea , but not for Cubase.
If the concern is one of budget , then the Kensington trackball with scroll-ring would be useful , along with learning your computer keyboard commands fully - and gaining some fluency.
A decent gaming keyboard will give you all the macros you might wish for.
However , if you have successfully programmed your shuttle , and are using it seamlessly in your Steinberg DAW - then you have elevated yourself from the status of ‘muppet’ - and would now be classed as a smart-arse social-misfit.

I have both. CC121 is moved to the closet. ShuttlePro is still on the table. Both are great, however cubase is not great for controllers. The shuttle worked very well for cubase untill cubase 8.5 where they introduced race condition on transport functions. Have some thoughts to buy a Loopedeck CT, but I dont think it is proper integrated in cubase (yet). And still it is the cubase software that is the limitation not the controllers.

On an unrelated note; just figured out the ‘ignore’ function in this forum. A clear improvement in functionality over the old forum…

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As cubase has such a stupid way of working with key commands now you need bome midi translator pro to really make use out of a controller that works with key commands. With this software in the middle you can use such a device like a midi controller and don’t have to check which window has focus etc.
I have a expert keys configured that way and couldn’t be happier.

Now that sounds interesting. So I could change the output of my shuttle to midi commands?

Midi translator pro can convert keystrokes into midi commands and has a virtual midi port.
I have programmed all 58 keys of my expert keys with f13 to f24 keystrokes with various modifiers and mapped them in midi translator pro to midi controllers and mapped those in Cubase.

ShuttlePRO v2 here, works really well on Mac and 10.5 without any extra software.

Thanks for sharing. It never even occurred to me to look for a software that did this. Looks interesting.

Yes, it “works”, but you have to check every time that the right window is active etc. I couldn’t work at all this way. Now I am super happy

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