Contrabass clarinet lowest octave

The contrabass clarinet does not sound on playback below written middle C (sounding 2 octaves and a tone lower). The instrument goes down another octave. Is there away to hear these notes on playback? Thanks.

You can switch to using a different sound. Go to Play mode, and expand the track header for the bass clarinet instrument, taking note of which channel in which instance of HALion Sonic SE (HSSE) is being used. Open the corresponding HSSE window using its ‘e’ button in the VST Instruments panel on the right-hand side. Load the GM clarinet patch into the appropriate slot. Finally, tell Dorico to use the ‘Default’ expression map for that channel in the Endpoint Setup dialog, so that you don’t get spurious keyswitch notes or other unwanted side-effects because Dorico still thinks you’re using the original sound.

This video shows you how to do it.

Many thanks Daniel. That doesn’t seem ideal, but I can manage that.

Halion is extremely limited. It doesn’t even have a contrabassoon

NotePerformer is far better, and not overly expensive.