Contrabass tuba

If I apply a playback template which includes separate endpoint configurations for tuba and contrabass tuba, they both connect to instances of the tuba VST. Thanks to some kind people in this thread I understand (I think) that if you put the same instrument in multiple endpoint configurations Dorico will only use the first. But a contrabass tuba is not the same instrument as a tuba. Can anyone explain please?

What VST are you using (and what computer OS and version)?
Does that VST have a contrabass tuba sound?

Kontakt 6, running Spitfire Studio Brass Professional
macOS Ventura 13.5.2

Incidentally the same thing happens whether the Kontakt instance is hosted in VE Pro or Dorico.

The factory default for instrument definitions in Dorico is to route bass and contrabass tuba instruments to the regular tuba - i.e. they are programmed as “aliases”. If you need Dorico to remember custom endpoint assignment than IIRC it’s best to define bass and contrabass tuba as separate instruments, and not as alternative names for tuba.



Thank you, I suspected it might be something like that. Does the manual explain how to define instruments? Which file does your screenshot come from?

It’s now a standard feature with Library → Instruments, although I haven’t used it yet. The screenshot is from the custom settings I did in the previous Dorico version when instrument changes had to be manually hacked; I just kept it.

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Thank you. But I can’t see any indication in the Edit Instruments dialog for contrabass tuba that this instrument is an “alias” for standard tuba. And I can’t see anything about instrument aliases in the dialog, the manual or the version history, so I don’t know how to disable them.

I’m sure there are good reasons for treating a contrabass tuba as a standard tuba by default, but it seems odd that Dorico does this even if the playback template includes a standard tuba.

I haven’t used the Instrument Editor yet, but if I think instead of disabling anything you have to select the stock instrument and create a new instrument from the selection. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable could clarify. One of these days I’ll try to repopulate my hacked instruments using the proper procedure…

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Thank you so much: I have tried this and it works. The trick is, as you said, to create your new instrument from the standard instrument (in this case the tuba) and not from the one that is going to the wrong endpoint (in this case the contrabass tuba).

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