Contrabassoon transposition and sound?

It seems that Dorico shows the contrabassoon the same in both transposed and concert scores. Is that by design?

Also, I can’t seem to get a contrabassoon playback. Is that normal or am I doing something wrong?

About the notation: Yes, contrabassoon, like double-bass, normally always sounds an octave lower than written. There are some exceptions in the literature, e.g. Debussy, Schoenberg. If you really want to notate it loco you can add a clef at the beginning and change its octave in Properties. This has to be done for each flow. You’ll want to include a note somewhere at the beginning. I don’t think modern players will want to read that, though.

As for playback, it works for me with HSSE+HSO. Anyone else?

Contrabassoon playback works for me in NotePerformer.

Hi Mark,

No, I don’t want to notate it loco, but it seems Dorico is insisting.

Here is the concert pitch, you see it is the same:

As for audio, it seems to work in this little file, so there may be something else wrong in the piece I’m working on.

Yes, you’ll expect to see the same notation in transposed score and concert score. Is it sounding an octave lower like it should?

Several notation programs show the same pitch for instruments that transpose at the octave whether in concert or transposed mode. The pitch shown is the conventional written pitch for these instruments rather than the sounding pitch.

Well, ok… I note that Dorico does it right for other instruments that transpose at the octave (like the double bass).

Double bass should be the same: Bass clef, no 8 underneath, but sounding an octave lower than the Cello; and the same in Transposed and Concert.

Yes it is, my mistake. Apologies.