"Contrain Delay Compensation" now includes Sonarworks?

It didn’t use to. I’ve always had Sonarworks/ Sound ID on my control room output and it would always continue to work after I hit the “contrain delay compensation” button. Suddenly that’s changed.

I don’t think it particularly has to do with Cubase, rather SoundID probably had an update and all the sudden Cubase is lumping it in with the rest. Is there anyway to change that? I often compose with plugins on my master bus and simply switch the button on and off depending on if I am recording something in or not.

By chance do you have soundworks not set to Zero Latency mode?
It shouldn’t be touched if it is in Zero Latency mode - but it has another mode whose name I can’t recall off the top of my head that will cause latency and it will thus be disabled.

It has 3 different modes - Tried them all to no avail.

What settings are you using in prefs for CDC limit?

Cubase Version ? Id version ? both of the latest work as they should but as Rob says . Linear Phase mode indeed disables SW’s , i run 4 plug different SW’s in the control room and they work as expected ,They was a bug , whether it’s still there i don’t know ,but if you update Sonarworks while inserted in the control room then SW defaults to Delay compensation on but the delay button does not show you it’s on . Simply removing the older insert and pressing the delay button restarts SW

Both the latest versions.

I’m running Zero Latency mode. It still gets disabled on that, Mixed and Linear Phase modes.

Not sure what you mean by this. You mean the Limit Controls function? Its just set to default, as it always has been

I’ve just discovered that turning off “Listening Spot” solves the issue. Definitely a temporary solution since the difference is negligible. Can anyone else replicate this? Is this normal?

In prefs you can set the amount of latency in ms, it’s a threshold. (I’ll send a screen shot later, on phone atm).

Btw using listening spot and actually 2 versions of SW in CR here. No issues.

Try having a mess with this, it may help.

Also in case you fancy a look, one of my past live streams was about the PLE and a section about setting up a warning to let you know if CDC is on. It was a live stream so a bit chatty but may be useful.

This is the answer I was looking for! The threshold was set to 0 for some reason. Changed to 1.5 as you have it and works like a charm. Thanks!

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Great stuff.

Do have a look at my CDC warning PLE when you get a minute though. It’s pretty useful.