Control a parameter by expression maps

How do I get to change staccatisimo and staccato within an expression map. I tried to add a midi controller to the knob but it didnt seem to work. ref screen shot

Hope somebody know how to use controller CC within expression maps.



So you have two choices
either with the keyswitches C0 C1 etc.
or with a midi CC.
I use a lot of Spitfire Audio banks that use UACC articulations
with CC32

and other banks like those of Easwest where I use keyswitchs

I set the remote control parameters to Message Program change because I use them on a touch screen to trigger articulations

then I set my joints to attribute rather than direction
but these are my preferences

I just came across a site that explains expressions maps and keyswitches very well.
How to create Expression Maps for Cinematic Studio Strings

I changed the first image
It was an error :innocent:

cool I will take a closer look at your screenshots probably next week.
Just checked the link you send and it seems like they use multiple instruments in same kontakt instance with different midi channel assigned - which I also thought about doing. That is a very easy way to get around it and thats how I do all expression maps for my cinesample libraries. Anyway I will get back

how do you actually make a CC controller. Lets say I set it to CC32 in the expression map but how do you actually tell the instrument that when receiving this information that it should choose a specific articulation. I have been searching and searching on how to build expression maps with CC but cant find any videos.

The settings in the Output Mapping section has to match what the instrument expects to receive.
Some instruments allow you to change the mapping of its expression switches, some do not.