Control Chord Pads using a MIDI event

It would be great to have the possibility to control Chord Pads triggering using a special (or existing) MIDI track.
In depth: I would just record the single notes used to trigger Pads, later, during the playing back, the Pads wouldn’t listen to my MIDI controller, but rather to the recorded MIDI data. It could be done using selecting Pads in the Output Routing dropdown list of the MIDI track or with creating a dedicated track type.


You can play the Chord Pads from your MIDI keyboard. By default, it’s in the C1-B1 octave. Once you enable record at any MIDI/Instrument track, the chords will be recorded to the track (if the Input is set to All MIDI Inputs or to the Chord Pads MIDI port).

You can also drag and drop the Chord Pads to the MIDI Track.

Why would you like to trigger the Chord Pads from MIDI Track, please?

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Thank you. I know all those approaches. But it doesn’t solve this. I’d like to try different voicings, players or even chords while Chord Pads are playing my progression on several tracks at once. Therefore, I can’t rely on recorded data. Letting MIDI events to follow chord track is tricky sometimes. Also, it’s way longer than what I suggest. Of course, there are several workarounds, but why, when the solution is quite easy to implement into Cubase? (I suppose.)


What about to use the Chord Track then?

Is it possible to use players together with the Chord Track?
EDIT. OK, It’s possible using Arpache SX with sequence turned on. But is there a simple way how to render the result back to the track in place of the original plain chords?

Still, it’s more complicated than to let simply play one track with one (two three) keys and fiddle with the others…As I said I don’t believe it would be hard to implement, but the time saved would be huge (at least for some of us who like this pattern-based approach to sketches.) :wink:

Once more, it’s me :wink: OK, although it’s not what I wanted originally, you just helped me to think out of the box! It’s possible using the chord track and Arpache SX - just following the chord track, not turning the chord track into MIDI data/events. And once I’m satisfied, just hit the record button on each of Arpache instances to record the result.
Thank you!

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I know this is an old thread but I just wanted to let you know I am searching for the same capability. I understand what you’re asking for (and don’t really see how the Arpache work around would work). I’m looking for the same ‘elegant solution’ as you are.

An alternative approach would be to use a virtual MIDI device with loopback, you can send MIDI out from a MIDI track to that loopback, and in Chord Pad Remote Settings set that loopback as your MIDI input.
Whether that’s an elegant solution or not is debatable.

I’ve been researching this evening and exploring this option. I’ll give it a try tomorrow and comment on its ‘elegance’ … thanks for taking the time to reply.