Control Cubase LE 5 with midi keyboard

Hi everyone,

I recently bought Alesis io4 and got Cubase LE 5 with it. When I’m playing a VST instrument, I’d like to switch on/off some effects in Inputs section using buttons on my midi keyboard (an old Yamaha psr 3500) and I’m wondering if there is an option to configure this in my version of Cubase?

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If the effects are Inserts in the mixer, you would need to setup a Generic Remote, set the inputs/outputs of it to the Yamaha, and then individually input commands to bypass inserts on the selected track. I hope this is helpful.

Sorry for answering late; I changed to Cubase 5 shortly after I posed my question and I am using Quick controls now.

Thanks for the reply!

Glad to hear you’re up and running, have a great weekend!