Control Dorico with external controller

I have a nanoKONTROL2 controller, which I use for controlling the transport functions of Cubase and the faders for the CC of my VSTi.
Is there an option for linking a MIDI-device to the transport section or fader section (such as MIDI learn)?
Generally I am mostly interested in the transport section.

If this is not possible for the time being, I have already found a workaround, which involves translating MIDI-messages to keystrokes using Bome MIDI Translator Pro / Classic. Before setting up all the translations I wanted to ask if there is a more elegant solution.

This isn’t currently possible, but is something we are likely to address in the future.

I’ve been using it since version 2 and it works fine, but I had to change the Play/Stop/Rewind from MIDI note numbers to some obscure CC that I knew I wouldn’t use. So for example Play I set it to trigger MIDI CC 104, then in Dorico you can just press the MIDI Learn and apply.

Hey thanks for letting me know, this is exactly what I am looking for! Pardon me, but I am unable to find the MIDI Learn function in Dorico 3. Could you give me directions?

Sure thing! It’s in Preferences > Key Commands > A window below the text command box (bottom right).

Okay I found it, that’s great since it means I can assign all possible key commands. Thanks for letting me know!
I just tested some functions with my current note number set up and it’s working. I guess the problem arises when working with a MIDI keyboard at the same time (which I do), Dorico probably cannot differentiate between the two inputs even if they are two separate devices. I might try to switch my nanoKontrol to a different MIDI channel or just use MIDI CC like you do.

Precisely! That’s why I suggested you changed the MIDI Note of the Play for a MIDI CC… I discovered it the hard way! :laughing: