Control Groove Agent One Parameters with Device?

Hey everyone,

I just got an Akai MPD24 and I want to use it to control the Groove Agent 1’s parameters. Obviously I can use the pads to trigger the samples, BUT I want to know if I can use the knobs/faders to control the parameters for each pad.

I know I can set up Quick Controls for up to 8 parameters, but these are each tied to only one pad. So I could make one knob control the cutoff frequency for pad C1, but no matter which pad I select, that knob will still only control the cutoff for C1.

I just want to know how I can set a knob/fader to control a particular parameter for whichever pad is selected.



I found the way, how to do this, but I have to say, it is terrible!

You can do this by using Devices > Device Setup > Generic Remote device.

First of all, you have to create one track with the Groove Agent One.

In the upper sheet of the Generic Remote Device, choose the controller, you want to send (for example Modulation, on channel 1). Save this as Fader 1, for example. In the lower sheet, choose Fader 1 > VST Mixer > Groove Agent One > Groove Agent One : Pad C2 : Volume C2. This is for the first Pad. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to use the same incoming MIDI data for different faders.

So you have to create another one Generic Remote device (ugh!). Create almost the same settings. But in the lower sheet, choose Groove Agent One : Pad C#2 : Volume C#2.

Etc. for other pads. For 16 pads, you have to have 16 Generic Remote Device.

I recommended to save this as your project template.