control information displayed on parts

Hi, what’s the best way to include the name of the piece, composer and arranger on every part in an orchestral score?

Use the default master pages (tweaked to your liking) and enter the information into the Project Options dialog found in Setup mode, ensuring that you’re entering that information against the flow(s) in your project rather than the project itself.

Sorry, where is the project options dialog?

At the bottom of the file menu (at least on Mac)

ah…I have project info, not options. Thanks.

And where are the default master pages settings?

Check out this video.

My flows are all very short, so it doesn’t make sense to announce the project title with each new flow. How can I configure the master page so that each part reads the project name once on the first page, then just the flows without the project name?

I could manually add the project name to the first page of each part, but I’d prefer not to do that.

You have to create a second First masterpage to apply to the very first page of each part layout.

That means having a cover page, more or less, for parts…there’s no way to have the proj. name display on the first page, along with flow one?

Ok, but how do I tell a First page to apply only to the first page of the part, not the first page of the flow?

Does this help?
1 shows the (File>)Project info of the Project;

2 shows the token required (shown above the Flow title); on the right it shows it is for the master page for Part
(Engrave>Right panel)

I believe if I configure master page as you propose there, I get the projectTitle reannounced with every new flow; I want Proj Title on P. 1 of every part, then flows I, II, III announced without projecTitle.

You might be able to get away with using the standard set of master pages, if you use the project info fields in a sneakier way then they’re designed.

If what you want is the name of the piece, composer name and movement number at the top of the first page, and then just a movement number (or whatever) at the top of each of the remaining flows, you could do something like this:

Edit your “first” master page in Engrave mode and make sure that all the tokens are set to use flow references, not project references (I believe this is done by default). Add a text box at the top and format it for how you want the title of the piece to appear at the top of each part, and then fill it with a {@flowlyricist@} tag (or another field that you’re not actually using.

Copy the left page to the right page.

Then add the title, composer etc. to just the first flow (within project information). The title should be entered in the first flow’s lyricist field.

Effectively the text boxes will appear at the top of each movement but after the first movement they’ll be empty and thus invisible.

Then right click in Pages on page 2 and use default, onwards.
You will have to configure default pages (for Default Part) with flow title etc. by double-clicking on Default master page and adding tokens and lay it out.

Otherwise, make another master page (based on First) and use that as the real first, add the project title to it. Use original First as the first one for the start of the next flow, then Default for subsequent pages of a flow before the next one starts, if your flows are longer than a page.

You probably would have been interested by the last video from John Barron on YouTube (march Dorico session)
All advices given here are great! :grin:

I think I’ll just tolerate the re-statements of the ProjectTitle on the parts…not that big a deal, but thank you to everyone for these workarounds!