control knobs in cubase with MIDI foot switches?


Is it possible to control a knob(i.e. Volume) in Cubase using a footswitch (eg Midi CC, Prg Change Increment / Decrement, Bank change Increment / DEcrement)?
Thus, push-buttons with minus assignment: e.g. Volume down, Plus button: Volume louder?
Or Gitar AMPlifier VST - Amp Type - QuickControls - Footswitch would scroll through AMpTypes

I tried and failed to get it working in Cubase with line6 FBV express.

Thank you for tips


Do you mean to decrement/increment the Value by the switcher? Or do you mean to switch two different values?

The first is not possible, the second is.

The volume example scenario, you might have lots of options depending on how you prefer to attack it.

As for cycling through plugin options…
If the plugin has VST automation implemented for the option(s) you wish to cycle, AND if the plugin is designed in a way that has these options on a single round-robin type menu, then this should be possible with a ‘generic remote device’. How many plugins are going to have this sort of design though? What if instead of having options on an increment-able dial platform, it has a series of check boxes, radio buttons, or toggle switches? Maybe you can build a macro to load vst presets via remote, or maybe the plugin can pull up complete sets of settings via program change, but I would not count on being able to ‘cycle all plugins’ without some third party help, or without thinking through some method of A/B swapping from among a limited number of pre-configured setups. You can most definitely A/B cycle via stomp remote in most plugins, so that gives you a place to start that should work with pretty much any plugin that has an A/B toggle.

Be aware that you’ll need to load the plugin you wish to automate with a remote device before you can go about building the remote map. If you frequently use multiple instances of the plugin, be aware that the device maps work in the order that each plugin is loaded, so it’s a good idea to design a general starting project template. It’s also important to understand that if you want a single control to work more than one plug in at the same time, or more than one control in the same plugin, that you will need to ‘stack remote maps’…I.E. You can’t make CC20 over Channel 1 do something in 3 plugins at the same time from a single map…only the first instance in the map will be processed; however, you can stack another map to make a single event do more than one thing at once. So with ‘stacked’ maps, it can be possible to have a single remote control toggle several different things in a plugin at once, or to make a uniform adjustment to several different plugins; however, this will NOT be conductive to an ‘incrementing/decrementing’ cycle configuration…it’d be more like one time stomp on/off thing.

Also be aware that if you want to ‘record the raw automation’ data of anything via remote device that doesn’t have a VST automation lane avilable in the project editor, you can use virtual MIDI loopback ports and route this stuff through a MIDI track if desired. I.E. There is no automation lane to arm/disarm a CuBase track, but you can remote control arming/disarming tracks. One can use loopMIDI and route things through a MIDI track first and record such automaton there. I.E. There is no project editor automation lane to launch a macro, but this can be done via remote control…so again you could route things through a MIDI track and a virtual port to record/play back such automation.

To control volume by foot, I personally would recommend a continuous foot controller. A stomp type pedal isn’t going to do much good other than possibly creating some somewhat limited damper or loudness effects. If you are into guitars or organs, and love to play along with your DAW, a good continuous pedal is probably a very worthwhile investment.

To increment/decrement, it seems to me you’ll need two pedals…one to go up, and another to go down.

There are many ways to do either one (continuous pedal, or a couple of stompers). Possible approaches beg the questions:

  1. Are you trying to control the CuBase mixer directly, or are you intending to automate something inside a VST/i or external instrument?

  2. What resolution do you intend the controller to work at? I.E. How much of an effect does moving/stomping the pedal create. 1db? 12db?

  3. Should the pedal be dedicated to this one purpose for the entire project, or do you need to easily be able to switch it around for multiple purposes?

Where to begin attempting this will require answering these questions and more…

You can attack the scenario from many different areas.

  1. In the plugin itself. Designing or tweaking a patch/instrument that will respond to your pedal(s).

  2. Direct VST automation using Quick Controls. Easy with a continuous foot controller…not so sure about stomping increments.

  3. DAW or direct VST meta automation using generic remote maps, macros, logic editors, etc.

  4. Global, local, or MIDI track insert ‘logic transformers’.

  5. Through various 3rd party apps and/or plugins like Bome and Bidule.

  6. By direct programming of the hardware controller itself (some are advanced enough to give more precise definitions to what event(s) they will send).

So, with all that in mind, think it through…