control lane program change

Can anyone tell me how to use the controller lane to control patch changes and program sets.
I’ve been trying it for a few weeks now and getting nowhere . I can’t seem to find any clear instruction on how to use it!
Many thanks

The best way to do program/bank changes is to record them from your keyboard to a small midi part and then sprinkle them about your project. You can also use the Inspector to set a prog/bank number then turn this into a midi part, I think this is something like ‘merge in loop’. I suggest these methods because that way you don’t have to fight with the controller lane to set the individual values, nor have to use the list editor, nor have to type in annoying numbers etc. Does this help with what you’re trying to do?


Thanks I’ll give it a try

Totally lost with this . I don’t really know what I’m doing.
Can you tell me how I should go about doing this
Thanks for your patience

If it is just a Program Change you want to do, I would use the List editor for a MIDI Track. But that’s just me.

The List editor is absolutely painless. Choose the event type in the toolbar/infobar (towards top) and then pen it in the grid on the right.

I’m using cubase elements and I don’t have the list editor.

Oops, sorry about that, that was a bit of unknown knowledge to me.

No worries
I don’t understand why they decided that wasn’t going to be included!
Anyway still trying to find out how to go about doing this

Open the key editor of the desired MIDI part, choose “program change” in the controller lane, and draw in your program change events in the controller lane